Peppermint Bark Bar

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peppermint bark.jpg

Peppermint Bark Bar

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Happy Holidays.  Enjoy combination of peppermint & Lavender scent. It is refreshing and calming at the same time, just perfect during busy holiday season.

Ingredients;  Pure olive, Coconut, Palm, Castor, Kukui, and Organic & Natural Jojoba oils, Aloe butter, Hawaiian solar charged purified water, Lye, Peppermint & Lavender pure essential oils, Pure Hawaiian honey, Iron Oxide, Zinc, Grapefruit seed extract and ALOHA.

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Soap Facts:
• Hawaiian Kukui Nut and USDA Organic jojoba oils are incorporated in the recipe for very luxurious feel.
• All vegetable, Sustainable Resource oils from trusting suppliers.
• All of our soaps are “Super-fatted” (add skin nourishing oils at the end of soap making process) for extra moisture and skin nutrition. Naturally created glycerin moisturizes your skin.

• Special Healing water, charged with Hawaiian solar energy and message of Aloha on water bottles, is used to create every batch of our soaps.

• Only high quality essential oils are used (Dog soaps are unscented) to gently scent the soaps. Natural essential oils also have great benefits to your skin.

Natural addition:
• Organic Hawaiian Honey is added for extra moisturizing effect.
• Grapefruit seed extract is the high quality natural antioxidants, incorporated to protect oils and soaps from oxidation.
• Deep ocean salt from Big Island is added to cleanse and heal your soul and body.